iBooks and Nook added, Print coming soon, and Blog mentions

Book 2 is getting really close to first draft finished, but in the interim, Brush With Darkness has found its way onto several new platforms.

For those of you that were waiting to pick up a copy on iBooks or Nook, they’re up there for you.

Print should be coming out by the end of May, if not sooner.

And Brush With Darkness got mentioned on a couple of different blogs offering run-downs of new Indie Fantasy or Speculative Fiction releases.

Pegasus Pulp does a run down of new Indie Speculative Fiction releases every month, and Brush With Darkness made it into April’s.

Remarkable Reading on Facebook featured the book, and so did Knite Writes in their Awesome Indie Roundup.

The Indie Speculative Fiction & Fantasy Communities are so much fun to be a part of, and I look forward to sharing some of the great books I’m reading too.