I’ve Joined the To Be Read Podcast

I’ve always loved to read, and enjoy talking about books, and now I’ve found a way to do both as the new co-host of the To Be Read Podcast.¬†Each week Patrick Stemp, Michael La Ronn and I will be talking about the books we’re currently reading and recommend any that we paricularly enjoyed. After that we’ll talk about a reading-related topic for the remainder of the 30-40 minute show.

This week was my first episode, and we talked about book reviews with special guest Garrett Robinson, author of the serial fantasy Nightblade¬†among many other books, video productions and podcasts he’s involved in.

The fun thing about the podcast is that we record it live Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern Time, and you can watch it live on Youtube/Google+, or listen subsequently on iTunes or your favourite podcatcher. If you want to watch live, the best way is through the TBRPodcast’s Google+ page.

Next Tuesday is the Bringing Jamie Up To Speed show, since I’ve joined after the show was on the air for several months, and Patrick will be quizzing me for my take on many of their past topics. I’m looking forward to it!

Here’s the Youtube video from last week, and through it you can get to the past shows on Youtube as well.