Meet My Character: Elysia

ChrisCoatI have the distinct pleasure of being a part of another Blog Hop, this one focused on characters. I was tagged by Chris Turnbull and you can read about his character Joe on his website.

Chris has written for many years but 2014 has seen him complete his first novel entitled: The Vintage Coat, which Chris hopes to release early next year.

Chris currently works at the University of York, and enjoys many hobbies including Reading and Writing, Photography and last year he began learning the keyboard.

In October 2012 Chris was Civil Partnered at Ullswater in the Lake District National Park to his long term partner, they have been lucky enough to get on the property ladder this year where they spent many months renovating there house.



Getting to Know Elysia

Now on to my introduction to Elysia, one of the main characters in my Arts Reborn series.

1) What is the name of your character? Is she fictional or a historic person?

Elysia, a fictional 18 year old sculptress. She was initially a secondary character in my book, but after I wrote a short story about her, my readers fell in love with her and I wanted to write more about her too, so she naturally assumed a larger role.

2) When and where is the story set?

She lives in Attarsus, an island city-state in the Izar Archipelago, which is part of the Pazian Republic. The Pazian Republic is the dominant power around the Near Sea, ruling by the power of their legions, in a time reminiscent of Rome at the time of Caesar.

3) What should we know about her?

Would you rather read a short story about when she was younger?

Read She Had Eyes For Only What Could Be.

Otherwise the next few sections have spoilers. 🙂 It’s short.  I’ll wait.

Back? Here’s the summary version.

She loves her father dearly and does what she can to help him with his bakery by day, but her passion is sculpture and how she can explore her magical Talent through her art. She practices as much as she can, with her mentor Xelos, a kind old master mason and Talented sculptor himself.

She’s focused on her art to the exclusion of general societal expectations, like becoming a wife and mother, or even pursuing romantic interests.

4) What is the main conflict? What messes up her life?

Everything is fine until a handsome young legionary shows up, but what she notices is his budding Talent. When she hears about the darkness coming back into the world, her mentor’s worst fears are coming true and she’s determined to help.

5)What is the personal goal of the character?

Initially, just to take care of her father, and become all she can with her Talent. But if the world needs saving, she’s ready to play her part. And she wouldn’t mind getting to know this young man better.

6) What is the title of the novel, and where can find out more?

Brush With Darkness is Book I of the Arts Reborn series. It’s available worldwide on Amazon as an e-book or paper book.

7) When was the book published/when is it due out?

Book I was published March, 2014, and Book II: Blood of the Water, in August. I’m currently working on a novella set in between books 2 and 3, as well as book 3. Elysia may just appear in all of them.


E.W. PierceUp next week we have E.W. Pierce, an awesome author that I’ve had the pleasure of working with recently. We both have stories in Beyond the Gate, an anthology of stories inspired by The Dream Engine by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant, due out in October 2014.

E.W. Pierce writes fantasy and sci-fi stories rich with wonder and peopled with flawed and interesting characters. He is currently working on a post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel where immortals rule from gleaming fortresses while the subjugated masses are left to scavenge the irradiated wastes to survive. The first book of the series is due out in November 2014.

When not reading or writing, E.W. likes to unwind with video games or tabletop games with his family. He posts about some of their misadventures on his blog.

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