Launch of the Beyond The Gate Anthology

It’s finally here, at all the major retailers!

BEYOND THE GATE contains short stories from 23 different authors all set in Engine World, where steampunk and fantasy collide.

Among them is my story, Dreaming Mountain, set in a village in China in 973AD, just as the fantastical elements of Engine World intrude on our world’s history.

Have a read, and if you like my story, make sure to let me know, because I’d like to write more in that corner of that world, and might move it up in the schedule.

It’s been a such a fun learning experience working together with Eric (project management), Amy (developmental editing), Kayla (beta reading), Stacy (cover design), Lisa and Monica (project feedback) and everyone else involved in the Beyond The Gate anthology. But none of it would be possible without Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant writing the story and creating the world in The Dream Engine, as part of Fiction Unboxed. They inspired us, and let us play in their world, and Sean even contributed the Foreword to the book.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing and compiling it.

The Dream Engine explored this city. Now you are invited to go Beyond The Gate.

Twenty-three authors will take you over, under, into, and beyond the Fog in this cross-genre compilation of short stories.

From time travel to romance, young adult to horror, science fiction to historical fantasy, you’ll discover tales that delight, intrigue, and maybe even shock you.

This is only the beginning.

FREE everywhere except Amazon, where we’re trying to get it free… stay tuned.