My TBR: Bone 7-8, Forks, Rogues and Beta

Another good week of reading and writing in the books. Well, not writing in the library books, because I hate it when people do that. What I really mean is that my reading is plugging along, but more importantly, I’ve made some very nice progress on writing book III, and could be moving it over to editing in another couple of weeks.

This week was our first non-Tuesday night recording of the To Be Read Podcast, because we wanted to accommodate our guest Dave Higgins, (co-author of the humorous sci-fi serial Greenspan that I very much enjoyed) joining us live from coastal England.

Our topic for #34? Reading Standards: do we have different standards for different genres, have they changed over time, and do you need lower standards if you read a lot. As always, the video is available on Youtube, and right here:

So what have I been reading?

My son and I finished up Bone #7: Ghost Circles, and continued on with Bone #8: Treasure Hunters. Lots of fun, and the series gets progressively more epic as it goes along, with something pretty climactic coming soon with only one volume left after this.

I’m also continuing with Consider the Fork by Bee Wilson (I’m past the history of pots and knives, and most of the way through measuring technologies), and the short story anthology Rogues (which I’ll do more of a write-up on when I finish it, I’m about halfway now). I’ve really enjoyed a few of the stories, and haven’t given up on them yet, which is a good sign, even though many of them have no fantasy and sci-fi elements at all (which was a bit of a surprise, given it was selected by a fantasy book club that I occasionally participate in).

I’ve set aside the latter for a few days because I just started reading an early copy of A.T. Schubert’s upcoming debut novel that takes place in Engine World, like our anthology Beyond The Gate. A.T.’s story was one of my personal favorites in our anthology, but this new book has nothing to do with that one.

I expect I’ll be finishing off all three of those books before I start anything new. Happy reading everyone!


Yes, if you happen to buy one of these from Amazon based on my recommendation links, they’ll throw a few cents my way as a thank you. Or go get the book out of the library (I love my library), buy it in a used bookstore, or borrow it from a friend. Just read it if it sounds good.