TBR#46: Raptors Playoff Edition


You may not know, but I’m a pretty enormous Toronto Raptors basketball fan. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 15 seasons now, through all the lows and this season a sort of a high (mid-season struggles notwithstanding). Tuesday night I was at the Air Canada Centre for game 2 of their playoff series against the Washington Wizards, which unfortunately was one of the most depressing games I’ve ever been to live. And happened to start right at the same time as the To Be Read Podcast this week, so I didn’t get to join in on a great topic: Favorite Fictional Locations with special guest author P.T. Hylton.

Give it a listen, and I’ll get to my reading update after next Tuesday’s show.

In the meantime, Go Raptors! Down 2-0, but hopefully the boys represent themselves well in Washington tomorrow and Sunday to bring things home for at least a game 5 so I can see the boys one more time. Win 2 in Washington and we have ourselves a series.