MyTBR#49 Kobo Making it Fun to #ReadMore with Mark Lefebvre

This week on TBR#49 we were joined by repeat guest, author and Kobo Writing Life head Mark Leslie Lefebvre, and he shared with us a bit about Kobo Insiders and other things Kobo is doing to optimize the reading experience for its readers, whether it’s on their app, browser reading or on their dedicated e-readers.

I finished Greenstar Season 2, by Dave Higgins and Simon Cantan, their serial comedic space opera that reads as Douglas Adams writing Star Trek in the style of Hitchhiker’s. Loved this season and can’t wait for more. The characters new and old continue to grow on me, and it was funny in all sorts of ways that I really enjoy.

And again, start with season 1, even sampling the first 3 episodes for free:

I did receive an ARC copy of both seasons from the authors.

I just finished a section about the early days of printing in the west in The History of the Book in 100 Books by Roderick Cave and Sara Ayad. It was fascinating to hear about the copyright, technical production, control and market issues in those early days of print, and how manuscripts survived in parallel for so long. I’m more than halfway through now.

And I’m more than halfway through Un Lun Dun by China Mieville (I’ve only ever read a short story by him before, and not the much mentioned Perdido Street Station). It’s sort of Neverwhere with more Alice In Wonderland-ish aspects, but done for YA. I’m loving it. More next week.

Yes, if you happen to buy one of these from Amazon based on my recommendation links, they’ll throw a few cents my way as a thank you. Or go get the book out of the library (I love my library), buy it in a used bookstore, or borrow it from a friend. If it catches your eye, you’ll find a way.