MyTBR#51: Summer Reading Plans

This week on the To Be Read Podcast we talked about our large TBR piles for the summer, and a bit about summer reading in general. This was episode 51, meaning next week we hit the 1 year anniversary!

I finished The Rithmatist, first in an ongoing YA series by Brandon Sanderson. It’s got the usual cool magic system (chalk drawing duels and chalklings coming to life) and world-building (a gearpunk United Isles of America in a world where Asia took over Europe), and features a main character at a university where Rithmatists also learn magic, but he isn’t one of them. Interesting twist on the school for magic genre. And the main story is a well-done mystery. I liked it a lot, but not quite as much as The Emperor’s Soul or Warbreaker.

Still chugging along on The History of the Book in 100 Books by Roderick Cave and Sara Ayad, and nearly done!

So I started reading a new non-fiction selection: Playing the Short Game by Douglas Smith, recommended by my co-host on the show, Michael La Ronn. It deals with all the business aspects of writing, selling, and marketing short fiction and is a great read. I’m about 1/4 of the way through, but need to write some short stories to follow along with his processes for the rest of the book.

For that reason, I had a hankering for some good short fiction, and dove back into Selected Stories by Philip K. Dick, making it through Imposter, Adjustment Team, and several more that I enjoyed.

And after we enjoyed the Smurfs and Asterix (not to mention Bone and Amulet) With my son I also started volume 1 of Tintin, by HergĂ©. Which I’ve never actually read.

Yes, if you happen to buy one of these from Amazon based on my recommendation links, they’ll throw a few cents my way as a thank you. Or go get the book out of the library (I love my library), buy it in a used bookstore, or borrow it from a friend. If it catches your eye, you’ll find a way.