Arts Reborn Series Update! (Beyond Blood of the Water)

I just realized that I’d been updating the Facebook page with some of my minor updates on where the next two books stand, but hadn’t done it here in the blog… which I really should do first.

So here’s the update.

Kallara’s Song
is the name of the novella that comes between book II, Blood of the Water, and book III, is very close to finished with editing. I’ve got a couple more passes and one more reader than I need to pass it through. Hopefully that should be happening in the next couple of weeks.

The cover is also underway, and I’m excited about the concept, and even did a little painting for it myself, which was a great reconnection to what Simon does in the books. More on that very soon.

Book III: formerly Winds of Turmoil
I’ve just finished a second round of revisions for Book III, which will no longer be called Winds of Turmoil. It’s getting a new name that’s a better fit for the book as a whole, and I’m just finalizing that in the next couple of days. My first reader loved it and thought it was even better than Blood of the Water, so I can’t wait to get it out to everyone else.

I’ve also been writing a few related snippets to keep writing while I go through all the editing. Some flesh out the myths and legends of the various peoples of the New Sea area, and others are getting deep into the heads of some of the minor characters as we transition together from book III to book IV.

Yes, I should be breaking ground on book IV this week.

It has taken me longer to get the novella and book III out the door than I anticipated, but I think the effort was worth it, and you should be seeing more frequent releases for the next while. Should be an exciting summer!