MyTBR#53: Digital Discards

This week on episode #53 the To Be Read Podcast, we talked about Digital Discards, based an article from the Chicago Tribune postulating that we’re more likely to not finish e-books than physical books. Which led to quite an interesting discussion.

I started and finished the classic 1984 by George Orwell, which I had actually never read before. My wife beat me to it sometime last year. I was partially inspired by people mentioning it, and partially because I recently played the dystopian boardgame Euphoria, which I like a lot. The book was as fantastic as billed. What freaked me out the most was the picture he painted of the family dynamics that were so eerily reminiscent of China’s Cultural Revolution that came almost two decades after he wrote the book. It really should be a must read for anyone, and would be worth being on a school reading list, and have the teens thinking about it afterward, not going through typical English class deconstruction.

(Linked for the picture, which it wouldn’t let me do for the much cheaper Kindle version. Probably because it’s out of copyright in Canada. Not sure for the USA)

And here’s Euphoria, a fun worker-placement dice game:

My son and I also finished Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace, adapted by Henry Gilroy and illustrated by Rodolfo Damaggio and comics legend Al Williamson. I do all the voices for all the characters for him, which is an absolute blast. Some are cajoling me to put an example here on the site. I may yet do that… maybe if you readers do enough reviews of my books? 🙂 We’ve also been watching a lot of Clone Wars, which we love.

Yes, if you happen to buy one of these from Amazon based on my recommendation links, they’ll throw a few cents my way as a thank you. Or go get the book out of the library (I love my library), buy it in a used bookstore, or borrow it from a friend. If it catches your eye, you’ll find a way.