MyTBR#75: Tropes!

After missing last week, I was back on the show for a chance to delve into tropes, even bordering on cliches.

Aside from writing more of Book IV along with NaNoWriMo, and celebrating my little guy’s 4th birthday, I’ve been doing some Murakami reading.

Over the past couple of weeks I finished off Wind, Pinball, the combination of the first two short novels from Haruki Murakami, author of 1Q84 and Kafka on the Shore that I’ve previously enjoyed. The second one had a hint of the magical realism that I really like in Murakami’s work, but the simple, even stark style is there. I’d recommend his other books first, but this one is an interesting one to check out to see where he started.

Speaking of Murakami, I finally started his acclaimed book, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. Really enjoying it so far, and unlike the trim 200+ pages of the dual novellas, this one is over 600 pages and I’ll be staying here a while.

As always, if you click on a link and buy something, Amazon may deign to send a few pennies my way.