Busy Season… and I don’t mean writing

So I started a new position back in October, where I work with an accounting firm, which means my work hours ebb and flow with their busy season. Right now is the height of their busy season, which means I’m working as much as I ever have in my life.

But I’m still writing, even if only a little bit day by day. I’m most of the way through the first draft of Book IV of Arts Reborn… which makes me feel sad that I’m so behind in publishing the rest of the series.


2.5 Novella has been through several rounds of edits, and beta reading but needs a final polish.

Book III has been through one significant edit, and an alpha read, but still needs more work. I like it even better than Blood of the Water, which in turn I liked better than Brush With Darkness!

Once things calm down around May (or so they tell me), I’m going to push these next few books through to publication.

I feel really bad for anyone who has read book II and is waiting for what comes next. If you contact me directly (G+, Facebook, Twitter, contact form, or responding to the mailing list e-mails), then I’d be happy to hook you up with a pre-release copy of the next one in the series.

Back to work.