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Elysia New

Elysia: She Had Eyes Only For What Could Be

Nothing excites young Elysia as much as sculpture; to reveal what lies inside a piece of wood or stone. But as a baker’s daughter, chores and drudgery fill her days. Worse yet, her mother frowns on her frivolous hobby, pushing her to focus on the more mundane skills she’ll need to be a good wife someday.

But after she sees marble statues at the temple for the first time, she knows this is a passion that cannot be denied, no matter the cost.

This 2500 word short story is set in the city-state of Attarsus, a place much like ancient Athens, but with magic returning to the world. It explores the early years of Elysia, a major character in the Arts Reborn series.

The story takes place before Book I: Brush With Darkness. It can be read before or after.


Book categories: Arts Reborn and Pazh