Brush With Darkness

Brush With Darkness: Book I (Cover)Arts Reborn: Book I

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Creativity is magic, with imagination the only limit to its power.

It started with a simple dream for Simon: join the legions, escape a life of mediocrity, and bring respect to the family name. A border incursion by restive Scentari barbarians looked like that opportunity for an artist turned soldier to transcend his roots, and fight for the glory of the Pazian Republic. Or so it seemed.

The return of dark magic, thought to be the stuff of myth and legend, turns a simple mission into a brutal slaughter. Simon must warn the Senate of the unimaginable defeat, but an encounter with a mysterious sculptress shows him that his buried creativity may be their only hope against an ancient foe that poses the greatest threat the Republic has ever seen.

Simon must explore this Talent while navigating a treacherous maelstrom of political intrigue and shifting allegiances, torn between ambition and curiosity, duty and love.

The ARTS REBORN series follows the story of the lives touched by the return of opposing magical forces of artistic creation and elemental destruction to the Republic of Pazh, a historically-inspired world where hints of ancient Rome, Greece and the Mediterranean mix with the fantastical.

Book II: Blood of the Water is available now!

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